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Ready for Brunch💁
Amazing gift!! 💕💕👠 #mynewfavourites #walkingtonewadventures
Stretching out ♠️♥️♣️♦️
Love @MaxineShoes
Mood 🦋
Thank you @maxine_shoes for these amazing high heels!😍👠 Escape the ordinary💯
Popcorn Shoes 💕🙌🍿
Last sneak peak from the show! @maxine_shoes 🍿🍿🍿
#PremiereClasse #Tuileries
Only heels allowed 🍿🎥
That’s what we mean by love 💖
Thursday Night is Movie Night 🍿
#maxineshoes #inlove #love #datenight
Your face when you’re surprised at work by @maxine_shoes as four of your AMAZING besties have asked her to design your very own bespoke bridal shoes. Got sensitive sally in a right moment 😂💞.
#bespoke #unique #maxineshoes #luckygirl
Every detail matters @maxine_shoes #lfw #lfwss18 #london #shoemaker
We fell in love with @maxine_shoes #lfw #lfwss18 #citizenm #pop #popart
When you get lost in the toy shop! 😅
When research quickly turns into looking for holiday ideas 🙈 #procrastination
Out of the office in ON! Heels are ON! Party mood ON!
Waiting in anticipation for the launch 🚀 of @maxine_shoes one of our @accessories_mastered gang 😘 #footwear #lasts #launch
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