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Regular price £450.00
Soft nappa leather boots with a 90mm heel. Kindly note that sizes 38, 39 and 40 are available for pre-order only, which will be shipped within 4 weeks. We promise it is worth the wait!

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These boots will wrap around your calves in the softest calf nappa keeping them warm and in style. This is the perfect boot to feel sexy whether you are styling them with a skirt or hiding them under wide pants. These statement boots feature our signature architectural heel and can be worn  straight or slouched down giving a more relaxed and sporty style. Which is your favourite?

Fits true to size
Heel height 90mm
100% Calf Nappa Leather

Product Code M0213081
Ecru Nappa
Insole and lining 100% leather
Outsole 100% suede
Sourced and made in Italy
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